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Burien Blog post new story on my progress!

Yesterday the Burien B-town Blog posted an update on my progress from the Idebenone and Vitamin treatment.  It included information on the Gene Therapy Study in Miami and how we are trying to raise the funds to submit the study to the FDA.  It’s so important to get the funds to submit to the FDA as many of us that are suffering from LHON could see again in the next year or two.  After eight years of being blind, I am ready to see again.  We are raising awareness for this rare genetic disease LHON as no one has ever heard of it until it strips you of your vision, most medical personnel aren’t even aware of it.

A documentary about Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy a rare disease that causes loss of the central vision in young men and women.  This is a great video that really explains LHON.


Please donate to the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute Gene Therapy Study in Miami, FL.  It will help so many of us and we are about half way there.  Every $5.00 counts and every donation is important and appreciated so much.

I have also added some shirts for fundraising at www.DTCApparel.com  All proceeds will go to the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute and help raise awareness.