Brian reveals his new treatment for Progessive MS and LHON

Yet another Dis-Ease with no treatment or Cure. So I went back into research and in-listed the advice of the only other person I know who has experience with this treatment, Because of the MS I felt that I needed to give this another look and thank God I did, I learned all about it and can NOT find a single side effect it’s simply water and oxygen J Please do your own research on this and take it seriously before you ever try it your self. Here is a little information to get you started in understanding H2O2!!!


A simple explanation:     

If you have heard of, or know about a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber this is pretty much the same thing. We are trying to introduce an abundance of OXYGEN into the body. With this method we don’t have to go sit in a tube for an hour every week or month and pay LOTS of money but simply drink it and it only cost me .52 cents a day!!!J Sounds strange but Hydrogen Peroxide is simply Water and an extra Oxygen molecule!  H2o = water.  O = Oxygen. H2o2 = Hydrogen Peroxide. Simple right.

Some things I learned about Drinking – 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

1.  I can’t find any side effects and there is a whole industry of Bio Oxidative Therapy, meaning treating the body with OXYGEN.

2.  Flooding the body with oxygen helps to re-set the Ph balance of your body back to the proper 65% Alkaline and 35% Acidic. Disease basically can NOT survive in a proper Ph balanced body.

3.  Oxygen or Hydrogen Peroxide is used by the body in almost every aspect of capturing and expelling free radicals in the body making it essential to the detox process!

What have I been trying to do for the past two years with the Idebenone, Astaxanthin, B vitamins and all the other anti-oxidants? Well, everything that Oxygen does for us!  I have spent thousands of dollars on vitamins and doctor visits, to find something that actually works for just .52 cents a day! AMAZING!!

Some books on the subject:

Flood your body with Oxygen

By: Ed McCabe (Nov. 2004)

Hydrogen peroxide: Medical Miracle

By: William Campbell Douglass

The One minute Cure: The Secret to healing Virtually All Disease

By: Madison Cavanaugh

Some websites for good research.

This is the site where I got my Peroxide. The have a ton of information here about H2O2d in general read the whole webpage!

This website has tons of information and different dosage schedules to look at.<tt>2</tt>O<tt>2-dosage-schedule

There is a ton of information on this out there now so please do your research watch my video and Best of luck to you all!!!!

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