2 thoughts on “LHON and My 7 & 8 Month Blog Update

  1. Stacy

    brian, I am so happy for you that you are regaining some sight! Hopefully we will have a cure soon. I am wondering, are you enrolled in the Bascome Palmer study, is that treatment helping your sight improve, or is the Idebenone and vitamins doing it for you? We are also trying to raise money for Dr Guy. Hopefully everyones efforts will result in enough money for this brilliant doctor to bring us the cure.

    1. Christy Aston Post author

      Thank you Stacy, Brian is in the Study at Bascom Palmer but they are not doing anything yet except testing his eyes for 8 hours. The vitamins, Idebenone and eating healthier is what he is doing to improve his vision. His tests in January 2012 were improved from the tests he had in June 2011. He started the vitamins and Idebenone after his first appointment in June 2011. Brian had been blind for more than 7 years when he started this and didn’t know if it would work but feels there has been a lot of change.


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